I'm a feminist, photographer, and a person with a hearing loss. I enjoy the challenges of being a stranger exposed to new circumstances. As an L.A. native, traveling and approaching strangers has taught me courage, flexibility, and the ability to adapt. It's my long term goal to continue to develop skills in environmental & travel portraiture. 

I have been working as a photographer on and off for about a decade. I studied under documentary artist Lauren Greenfield and worked at the Palm Springs Photo Festival, the Lucie Foundation, and countless other organizations and events.

My background is in community organizing, so when I travel I love to use my camera to tell a story, to make me feel something, to learn to see, to connect and to hold onto memories. It has never felt right to call myself and my work a certain type of photography but I aim for my style to be a photojournalistic lifestyle look. I try to find the hidden moments that tell the start to a story or at least peaks curiosity, whether it's the beauty or ugly in this world. 

© 2013 Cindy Dyer

© 2013 Cindy Dyer

email: hey@marisasarto.com

Curriculum Vitae


  • Featured and published, documentary project: Hear Nor There, article and photographs in national Hearing Loss Magazine, Nov/Dec 2012

  • Photographs published in Desi Divas: Political Activism in South Asian American Cultural Performances, by the University Press of Mississippi, Madison, WI, 2012

  • Published in Signs of Protest: This is What Democracy Looks Like, by the Center for Photography at Madison, 2012

  • Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Penguin’s Choice Award: A Celebration of Service Award, ‘11

  • Wisconsin Union Art Collection Peet’s Coffee Photography Contest finalist, 2010

Other things about me:

  • taurus

  • feminist

  • friend

  • traveler

  • activist

  • fun maker

  • thrift shopper

  • card maker

  • angeleno

  • uw-madison alumna

  • posse foundation alum

  • and much more…