Airbnb Experience/Walking tour
Downtown LA: Grab a bite & see the sights



My home town, Los Angeles is a unique city unlike any other. There’s a reason we’re called the City of Angels!
I love showing all the spots that I personally recommend to my out-of-town friends. I can do the same for you.

On this experience, you'll throw away your guidebooks, forget the big tour-bus crowd, and let me show you where it’s at. We'll go for walk around the Historic Core, try some delicious food you won’t find anywhere else, and learn some LA trivia while we’re at it. For example, did you know Pershing Square had a little bit of an identity crisis and has changed names several times?

And don’t worry about taking a selfie or bothering a stranger for a picture. I’m a photographer and I’ll expertly capture your LA experience to share with all your friends back home. You’ll go home feeling like you’ve been followed by the paparazzi. Book right here -->