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Photogenic spots of DTLA

My home town, Los Angeles is a unique city unlike any other. There’s a reason we’re called the City of Angels!
I love showing all the spots that I personally recommend to my out-of-town friends. I can do the same for you.

LA is a unique city unlike any other and it loves having its picture taken. Whether in a movie, TV show, or an iconic photograph, the city is comfortable in its own skin. We'll walk around the Historic Core, one of the most vibrant and eclectic districts in LA. I'll share insider knowledge as we'll visit some of my favorites spots in DTLA that contribute to LA's reputation as an art destination. Be ready to snap photos of the popular photo-op spots of DTLA.

And don’t worry about taking a selfie or bothering a stranger for a picture. I’m a photographer and I’ll expertly capture your LA experience to share with all your friends back home. You’ll go home feeling like you’ve been followed by the paparazzi.

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Arts District Artsy photo-ops

In late 1970s, artists, writers and musicians inhabited the strip of abandoned industrial land between Alameda Street and the L.A. River that became known as the Downtown LA Arts District. These artists took full advantage of a moment in time when the neighborhood was empty with cheap rent and freedom. Naturally, the area became popular, with galleries and indie eateries aplenty and street art at every corner. The walls here are in a constant state of flux. The neighborhood is known for its murals, and while some are more permanent than others, there is always the feeling that all of it is ephemeral. The Arts District you see when you visit here may not be the one you see next time.

The lesson here is always take photos! Which is why as I guide you through the north end of the neighborhood covering art and its history, I will act as your personal PHOTOGRAPHER. I’ll cover the must have photo-ops on my camera or your phone/camera, so you’ll have photos ready for your social media!

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